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Archer tile.png

"The Archer has excellent range and does well at striking and retreating."


  • High-damage shooter with a long attack range.
  • Useful to attack distant enemies; rely on hit-and-run attacks to keep her safe.
  • 50% damage in melee.


HP: 800
Power: 300 Physical (range)
Resistances: 0% Magical Reduction
Range: 3
Move: 2
Effect: None


The archer has a very powerful strike from a distance and is worth buffing with everything. After attacking enemies, it is best to retreat the archer to prevent damage.


When fighting an archer, at the end of your turn, it is best to either move adjacent to the archer (in a crowded area, to make it difficult for it to move away and get the increased damage from afar), or spend an action point or two to run away. Also, when playing the TF2 team, the spy is great for combating archers as they will be forced into melee, and thus doing hardly any damage.