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Cleric tile.png

"The Cleric gets a bonus to healing, and can act as a ranged combatant in a pinch."


  • Support hero who can effectively heal damaged and knocked-out allies.
  • Both attacks and heals at range.
  • Use clerics to back up other strong or valuable heroes.

Initial Stats[]

HP: 800
Power: 200 Magical
Resistances: 0% Magical Reduction
Attack Range: 2
Movement: 2
Effect: Heals for 3x power, and revives for 2x Power


As one of the strongest healers in the game, you'll want to keep the Cleric safe and protected. This is especially important if you only have one Cleric available, as she cannot heal herself and can die easily.

Do remember that healing does not win games; damages wins games. As such, it may be okay to sacrifice a Cleric if it means your team can gain a superior position or destroy a valuable enemy unit. For instance, it would be a smart move to send a Cleric into three enemy units in order to revive a fully-buffed Ninja and save him from death.