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Team Bonus[]

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Life Leech:

  • Dark elf heroes heal themselves when they attack enemies.
  • Less effective at healing than the Council, but less reliant on support hero (Priestess)
  • If they survive an attack, dark elves can counterattack and recover health while doing damage.



Soul Harvest[]

Soulharvest tile.png
  • Does damage to enemies while raising your fallen heroes and adding to their maximum health.
  • Less damage to enemies than the Council’s fireball, but secondary benefits can be game-changing.
  • For maximum effectiveness, deploy lots of heroes and wait for multiple heroes to get knocked out before using.
  • "Health gained by each unit is equal to the total life lost by enemy units divided by the number of friendly units plus 3 rounded to the nearest 5." [citation ]
  • The equation for this is H = 1/(3+U) x D, where H is Health gained by each allied unit, D is Damage dealt, U = Amount of allied units on the field, and R = Any real number. H is rounded to the nearest 5 at the end.               For example, if there were 3 allied units, and the harvest dealt 400 damage, then H = 1/(3+3) x 400, which is 1/6 x 400, which is 66.66...., which rounds to 65.                                                                                             As a second example, if there were 7 allied units, and the harvest dealt 780 damage, then H = 1/(3+7) x 780, which is 1/10 x 780, which is 78, which rounds to 80


Runemetal provides a unit with a permanent attack boost of 50%.


The DE equivalent of the council's dragon scale shield, this upgrade doubles the units life leech bonus (from 33% to 67%). It also increases the units health by 10%. However, it does not raise physical defense, making the DE weaker against physical damage.

Shining Helm[]

The shining helm adds 10% health to a hero's base health, and provides magical resistance of 20%. Ex. attack does 200 damage, 20 percent of 200 is 40, so the attack would do only 160 damage to the unit. 

Mana Vial[]

Heals an ally for 1000 health and increases max health by 50