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The dwarves hail from distant fortresses of stone, seeking wealth and glory through victory at the Hero Academy. Dwarves are extremely crafty and gain improved bonuses from the playfield's premium squares. They are masters of area attacks.

Team BonusEdit

Engineering tile
  • Dwarf heroes get 120% of the effect from premium squares.
  • Area attacks are effective, especially from attack boost squares.
  • Engineers get double team bonus, even on assault squares!



The Pulverizer (x2)Edit

Pulverizer tile
  • Deals 600 physical damage to a single target.
  • If used on a crystal, does 200 physical area damage to nearby enemies.
  • If used on a unit, destroys equipped gear on the unit.
  • Save for times when you absolutely have to kill a unit, or when your opponent clusters units around the crystal.

Runemetal (x3)Edit

Dragonscale (x3)Edit

Shining Helm (x3)Edit

Dwarven Brew (x2)Edit

  • Restores 1000HP.
  • Buff: Next hit on the user does half damage.

Supercharge (x2)

  • Multiplies a unit's power by 3.
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