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"The Impaler is a master of movement. Not only does she have the highest physical attack, she can pull oppenents around the battle stage."


  • High-damage ranged attacker that pulls enemies toward her.
  • Shorter range than the Council’s archer, but also deals damage effectively at close range.
  • Attack the enemy’s high-value targets, and equip with swords and scrolls for maximum damage.


HP: 800
Power: 300 Physical
Resistances: 0% Magical Resistance
Attack Range: 2
Movement: 2
Effect: When attacking a non-adjacent target (except diagonal targets), the first hit pulls the target into adjacent range.


With the Dark Elves[]

When playing as the Dark Elves, the Impaler is going to be your only enemy "mover," that is, the only unit on your team with the ability to move enemies. A good way to employ this ability of hers is to draw troublesome heroes like the Council's Ninja, or the Dwarves's Annihilator closer so to be in range of the Priestess for debuffing, and the Wraith for consumption.


Against the Dark Elves[]

When playing against the Impaler, you can attack from a range or in melee, but be mindful of the fact that she deals the same amount of damage ranged or not, and the she can pull you in range of her comrades. Taking out a buffed Impaler is no easy feat, so eliminating an Impaler or Void Monk early on in the game should be your main priority so as not to be pulled around while she's healing herself and the Wraith eating all your heroes.


Like all units, the Impaler's idle pose is different in health, this is an impaler at Full Health, >50% health and ≤50%