Hero Academy Wiki

"The Necromancer has the best attack range of the Dark Elves, but he can also eliminate fallen units from range."


  • Attacks enemies at long range and raises phantoms from knocked-out heroes.
  • Longer range than the Council’s wizard, but attacks only single targets.
  • Attack knocked-out enemies at a distance to raise phantoms and prevent resurrections.


HP: 800
Power: 200 Magical
Resistances: 0% Physical Resistance, 0% Magical Resistance
Attack Range: 3
Movement: 2
Effect: Can transform any KO'd unit (friend or foe) into a Phantom.


With the Dark Elves:[]

Because of the Necromancers 3 tile attack range, a way to use him would be to out one of your Necromancers on an Attack Boost tile, and let the enemy come to you so that you can KO them with boosted damage, then prevent resurrection by raising Phantoms. What you could do with your other two Necromancers is up to you. You can have them travel around the battlefield, weakening of KOing units then raising Phantoms, or you could have them protect a unit like the Wraith or Priestess from a distance using a Runemetal. As for upgrades on these guys, it's probably best to leave it at a Runemetal and maybe a Soulstone because they can shoot down the enemy without getting to close, making it hard for them to be counterattacked, especially if the you save an action point at the end to move him back.

Against the Dark Elves[]

Taking out a Necromancer is generally hard work due to the fact that he doesn't need to be close to you to attack, so countering him with another three tile unit like the Dwarves's Grenadier or Annihilator, or the Councils Archer, will most likely do the job especially in the beginning of the game where the Archer reigns supreme with a 300 damage hit from a ranged hit. In essence, try to stay on his tail and he shouldn't give you to much trouble.