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The Priestess has fantastic healing range, but does not heal as well as the Cleric.


  • Healer who also adds a one-turn attack power debuff to enemy targets.
  • Less effective at healing than the Council’s cleric, but her debuff gives her a more flexible role.
  • Target her attacks on high-damage enemies who will be attacking in the next turn.


HP: 800
Power: 200 Magical
Resistances: 0% Physical Resistance, 0% Magical Resistance
Attack Range: 2
Movement: 2
Effect: Can heal 3 tiles away. Heals for 2x Power and revives for half Power. Any unit attacked by the Priestess has their power cut in half for their next attack.



With the Dark Elves[]

The Priestess has the best healing range in the game, which lets her be far away from danger and heal her fellow Elves. Also, she has as much power as the Necromancer and inflicts an attack debuff upon her targets with an attack, which allows her use as a long range attacker in a pinch. She can generally be kept to the back, an easy way to manage her would be to keep a Necromancer near her with an attack upgrade/on an attack boost tile to pick off enemies and turn them into Phantoms before they get too close. Also, if an enemy has a super buffed up unit, she can be deployed to the front lines to debuff them and inflict a bit of damage.

Against the Dark Elves[]

Taking down the Priestess can be a bit of a pain mostly because of the 3 tile healing range. The best chance to kill her will be when your opponents need to move the Priestess closer to the front lines to make space for other units, or if she's sent out to debuff one of your super buffed units.