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The harsh wastelands are home to the Tribe, a loose federation of fierce warriors led by powerful chieftains. The Tribe lives for battle; when one member falls, his comardes are enraged.

Team BonusEdit

BloodRage tile
  • When a Tribe hero is stomped, the next attack by a Tribe hero is at increased power.
  • Can gain superior board position with smart use of Typhoon and their Chieftains.
  • The Tribe excels at killing enemy heroes, and can surprise careless opponents who aren’t expecting Bloodrage.

Additional note: Only units already deployed on the field can gain this bonus. Any units summoned after an ally is stomped will not be able to use or consume the bonus.

Multiple stomped Tribe units do not trigger multiple bloodrage bonuses. Once an enraged unit attacks, all units lose the bonus.




Typhoon tile
  • Knocks all enemies left or right, depending on where it’s targeted.
  • Useful to buy some breathing room, or for tactical positioning.
  • Save to set up great chieftain attacks, or to push the whole enemy army away from your crystals.


Spike ArmorEdit

Spike armor does not act like armor as you might think. True, it give the unit it is equipped on an extra 10% health, but its main feature is that whenever damage is dealt to the unit which has spike armor equipped, one third of the damage taken is also taken by the enemy unit.(e.g. If 300 damage is taken, the enemy will take 100)

Haunch of MeatEdit

Heals a single unit for 700 health, and increases the next attacks power by 175%


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